Amigomoto- Aguascalientes Tour

Starting from Amigomoto to our first stop the magic-mining town of Asientos, founded in 1548, this town preserves the old Mexico feeling, we’ll experience going to an underground tunnel used for water and escaping the bandits back in the 1700’s, then having an awesome lunch where part of the menu offers their specialty rabbit plate, or the food of the gods – the traditional Mole with chicken.
This tour includes the towns of San Francisco De Los Romos, Pabellon De Hidalgo, San Jose de Gracia, also one of our favorites stops the Mirador restaurant where we can enjoy a cold drink with a stunning view. Returning to Amigomoto for the day, next day on the same tour we’ll be visiting la Fragua restaurant going through small towns. – this tour includes downtown Aguascalientes too.
Price $4,500.00
Max group size 6 Riders - 6 Bikes.
Price includes: Guided tour, 2 Nights at amigomoto.
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