Amigomoto- Aztec Expedition

An expedition through time, Starting from Aguascalientes to Mexico City to pay our respects to Tlaloc the god of rain, then to see the original Aztec calendar then visiting the epic city of gods in Teotihuacan, where you will see one of the biggest Teotihuacans-Aztec pyramid - The Pyramid of the sun, also the pyramid of the moon and the Queztalcoalt pyramid all three aligned perfectly to orion's belt, and following their path, we will ride to Tula, hidalgo to meet the Toltec Warriors, guardians of Quetzalcoalt.
Tour price $655.00 USD per tour. (not including food, Gas, Tolls and hotel).
Max group size 6 Riders - 6 Bikes.
Price includes: 1 free stay in Amigomoto, 3 days expedition from Aguascalientes, Bilingual Guide, Video Footage and editing, Ride stickers.
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