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Marco and Elena's house was the perfect place for us to rest up from our travels. Our room was huge with ensuite bathroom and our own large sunny private balcony and king-size bed. We enjoyed many a night by the fireside/ bbq on the front balcony/La pajarera with the friendly company of Marco, Elena and other visitors.
Julia day

I recently had the good fortune to spend some time at La Pajarera with Marco and Elena. Our hosts displayed immense kindness and hospitality. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they went out of their way to look after our every need. I can recommend La Pajarera to motor cyclists looking for a base, or a bed for the night, in the Aguascalientes area

Don Lamb


When you travel on bike is difficult and dangerous. The road may be difficult, the wather bad and the bike can have some mechanical isue but when you meet some friends everithing go more nice and easy. Our experience with the guys from IronButt Asociation was like we touch Heaven. They meet us on the road and give us the best ride in Aguacalientes. Also they keep us in La Pajarera house, a house that you can call a 5 star MotoNest. Perfect for a good sleep and for fixing your bike. Or just to meet new riders and make new friends. They make a great barbeq and we drink a few beers. Also they give us directions for the next route and place to visit. Great place to stay, verry nice people and verry verry experimented riders.
Totaly recomanded to make a stop for minimum 2 days and enjoy the view.
Florin Moraru
MMA-UFC fighter

As a road warrior you have to always find a place to stay.

Well if you happen to be in the area of Aguascalientes Mexico - you should look up Marco Almaraz & Ellen Stack (Abby BeĆ¼ger on FB). They have a large house with many rooms to lodge people when they are not out doing rallies for all of mexico. One very important room that is special is the Bird house. Why the bird house? Well this is where you go to relax and hang out at the end of the day and unwind. Have a few beers and just talk to whoever is there. The other great thing is they have their own firepit right in the house. You don't have to go outside to enjoy that great fire & when it rains you stay nice and dry. So its not just a place to hang out but to party - unwind - have some laughs - do presentations - eat- or whatever u like. Even take a nap if you want.
Greg Smith
Ontario Canada

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