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When you travel on bike is difficult and dangerous. The road may be difficult, the wather bad and the bike can have some mechanical isue but when you meet some friends everithing go more nice and easy. Our experience with the guys from IronButt Asociation was like we touch Heaven. They meet us on the road and give us the best ride in Aguacalientes. Also they keep us in La Pajarera house, a house that you can call a 5 star MotoNest. Perfect for a good sleep and for fixing your bike. Or just to meet new riders and make new friends. They make a great barbeq and we drink a few beers. Also they give us directions for the next route and place to visit. Great place to stay, verry nice people and verry verry experimented riders.
Totaly recomanded to make a stop for minimum 2 days and enjoy the view.
Florin Moraru
MMA-UFC fighter

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