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Motorcycle Lodging

Located in Aguascalientes (central Mexico), Amigomoto is geared towards people who love to travel and experience mexico by motorcycle. As we are long-distance riders ourselves, we understand and appreciate the needs for those who share the love of travel like us. 

Our home is your home is our main motto. With our spacious house, you will have the advantage of having your own privacy, but at the same time the comforts of hospitality, friendship and security... all for a fantastic low price. Check out our rooms and availability!

La Pajarera (The Bird House) is already famous among our friends, local and national (and now becoming quite international) as THE gathering place. It is our covered terrace with a bar, fire-pit and plenty of seating to hang out, relax, bar-b-que or just enjoy a cold one with new friends. In the mornings, La Pajarera is also the perfect serene setting to have your morning coffee or tea at our coffee-station.

Motorcycle Tours

We also offer guided tours, of which several of our visitors has taken advantage of. Our tours can be from a single-day rides exploring the beauty of the state of Aguascalientes, up to 4-day tours taking you through the breathtaking mountains of the Huasteca Sierras, exploring waterfalls and unique pueblos. Check out our tours!

Motorcycle Services

On top of our lodging and tours, we also offer services to make this a one-stop-shop for you. We proudly offer IBA-approved mechanical services provided by Karma Motos right here in our home! You don't even have to take your bike out, the shop comes to us! This can range from simple tire-changes, oil changes, or tune-ups to serious motorcycle repair. We already have many happy and satisfied customers with this very affordable service. Even if you are just passing through and not planning to stop for the night, you are more than welcome to hang out in The Pajarera while your bike is being worked on... or even take a nap! Be sure to CONTACT US to check availability and book your service.



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